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Local Feature: Art by Rosie

Hi everyone!

I am excited to be back with a local feature for you all. This one features the incredible artwork by Rosie Read. Rosie grew up in West Greenwich, Rhode Island, but has recently made a drastic change in her life and moved across the country to California! Her artwork is inspired by her life experiences especially her travels. She creates vibrant paintings on up-cycled wood, generally small-scale pieces but has also done larger pieces. Her work is inspired by nature and landscapes but remains to be abstract, and the two influences combine together to present uplifting and unique pieces that anyone can enjoy.

Rosie began selling her artwork in 2015, and really started to grow a business out of it in 2016.  Rosie says that finding the courage to put her work out there was her biggest struggle, but she has found comfort in the positive feedback she has gotten over the past few years from others explaining that they find her paintings relaxing and that they bring them happiness. This is a great experience for Rosie as she uses her art as an outlet during times of frustration or stress. It allows her to release any negativity and that is enhanced even more so when those pieces bring joy to others for it transforms the negative into something positive. Rosie pours her passion into each piece she creates and it really shows!

Rosie has found success in creating artwork from selling her own original pieces, creating artwork for others, and her biggest success thus far has been her artwork being accepted into an exhibition called ‘Ars Necronomica: Wonders of the Visible Weird’, at the Woods-Gerry Gallery in Providence.

You can find Rosie’s artwork on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, or her website! And for you Rhody locals you can also find some of her artwork at Cerulean located in Warren,RI. She also collaborates with Ocean State of Mind RI for some fun sign work!

Here are some pieces I had the pleasure of photographing for Rosie in Jamestown, RI. ENJOY! and be sure to go give Rosie your support by following her, sharing her posts, and purchasing some of her amazing artwork!

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