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Monthly Feature: Big John Leyden’s Tree Farm & Field of Screams

When I decided to start the Monthly Feature part of Wanderlust’s blog the very first business I thought of was Big John Leyeden’s Tree Farm. I grew up in West Greenwich, Rhode Island, the home to Big John Leyden’s, and as the Christmas lover that I am, I always loved it there. The idea of having a real christmas tree always filled me with happiness and warmth. Who doesn’t love the smell of real Christmas tree? Beautiful and real Christmas trees are not the only reason why Big John Leyden’s is so great though, this time of year the tree farm is transformed into the ultimate fright-filled destination, Field of Screams.

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Before we get into what you can expect to find at Big John Leyden’s & Field of Screams, I want to give you all a little history on how it all came to be. In 1944, while John was attending East Greenwich High School his family endured an extremely rough time, as his father had been involved in a work related accident that left him unable to work. The entire family pulled together through this rough time. John was working to help with finances, but needed to do more so his father gave him money to buy some christmas trees to sell. John bought eighteen christmas trees for $1 each and sold every single one. That was John’s introduction to selling christmas trees. It wasn’t just about selling christmas trees for John though, it became a passion of John’s. He wanted to provide a place that inspired family tradition, and also spread the joy of having a real Christmas tree in your home. He created the phase “Real Trees for Real People” to encourage the community to buy real, locally grown trees.
John and his wife have now retired, and the tree farm is run by their sons Timothy and Matthew.

Here is what you can expect from a visit to Big John Leyden’s.

Field of Screams

A place where nightmares come true. You can find 4 haunted attractions at Field of Screams, and lucky for you, 3 of those attractions you can enjoy for the price of 1! You will start out in the Dungeon of Doom, where you can be sure to find terrifying creatures and horrifying scenes around every corner. I promise you will be looking over your shoulder constantly throughout the night. After the dungeon you will hop aboard Dead River Haunted Hayride, that takes you down a dark and spooky dirt road, where you face monsters from your creepiest nightmares come to life! Last up is a 4D Maze titled Cirque Du Souls for its twisted circus theme. After watching the trasnformation process of its actors, I had the priveledge of being guided through the maze and it was terrifying. A true nightmare. I promise folks, this place is not for the faint of heart! Creepy clowns lurk around every corner, and you will be frightened at every twist and turn. The spooky fun doesn’t have to end there though, you can also embark on a mission to shoot down zombies in a apocalyptic town in Zombie Paintball. These attractions are open Thursday-Sunday through October, and Halloween. Visit their website for more information.




Big John Leyden’s Christmas Trees

Once Halloween has passed Big John Leyden’s returns to a place for christmas tradition. “Real trees for real people” is what John says. He has enjoyed encouraging people to purchase real locally grown christmas trees. After all who doesn’t love a real Christmas tree? The smell, the feel, and the joy of going as a family to pick out the most amazing tree for your home. On the 120 acre farm they grow over 100,00 trees with 10 different varieties for you to choose from, I list a few below. Tree sizes range from as small as 2 feet, to larger than 9 feet tall. You can only get trees at the farm, John Leyden’s does not have any road-side lots! They have the option to tag and cut later, or you can cut the day you arrive. They do have professionals there to cut and wrap the tree for you, so leave the chainsaws at home! You can purchase a tree from as low as $35.00! Starting November 18, 2017 you can tag the perfect christmas tree, so get the family together for a fun trip to Big John Leyden’s Tree Farm. There are picnic tables for snacking, as well as 20 foot tall Santa and an antique fire truck, you can even ring the bell!

Local businesses depend so much on the support of our community, and we would like to thank you for being such great customers. To show our appreciation for you support, both Wanderlust Photography and John Leyden’s have a few offers for customers that choose their Christmas tree at Big John Leyden’s Tree Farm.

For anymore information regarding the Tree Farm or Field of Screams visit www.bigjohnleydens.net or www.hauntedhayride.net

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