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Monthly Feature: I Dream of Clean


Welcome to our December Monthly Feature!

This month we are featuring an up and coming cleaning service, I Dream of Clean!

i dream of clean logo

With thanksgiving behind us and Christmas right around the corner, there is no time better than now to talk about getting our homes nice and clean. So I introduce to you all an awesome person that has started her own cleaning business! Everyone meet Alex!She has combined her attention to detail and enthusiasm for cleanliness together to start her company , I Dream of Clean.


September 1, 2017 was the big day for Alex. It was the day she began building her own career! Alex considers cleaning and organizing a talent of hers, as well as something she enjoys to do. The happy reactions she receives after completing a job is what truly makes Alex love her job, knowing that she is helping others find some organization in their busy lives.

What to expect from I Dream of Clean

You can expect detail oriented cleaning. Alex makes sure to go above and beyond with every job. Taking the extra time to make sure everything exceeds the expectations of her clients. you can find a list of her services below!

IDOC Service

Connect with I Dream of Clean on facebook and instagram, so go ahead and take a look at the amazing work she does!

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